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California is arguably the most regulated state in the union and when it comes to employment laws, issues can get complicated rather quickly. This goes for both the employee and the employer. That’s why both businesses and workers alike in Southern California are lucky to have George G. Romain and the services of Romain Law available.

The causes of labor disputes vary almost as widely as the broad spectrum of jobs in California. Add migrant workers, high unemployment rates and an uncertain economy to the mix and you have a good recipe for potentially improper work relations. While there are certainly many hundreds of large corporate firms with many thousands of employees, there are many more thousands of small businesses who hire only a few people. Large businesses tend to be aware of the rules when it comes to hiring practices, work and pay schedules because they have to be. Small businesses can often be completely ignorant of such obligations.

For example, how do you determine if a worker is an employee or an independent contractor? What kinds of IRS forms need to be filed? When does a worker have the right to overtime pay? What obligations does a business have to provide health care? As mentioned, larger businesses tend to know the answers to these questions and often use payroll companies which are adept in the rigors of such matters, but make no mistake about it, those companies are very concerned about their bottom lines and their degree of generosity or miserliness is fine-tuned!

This is why a consultation with the Romain Law firm can be a great step towards limiting future risks. The Romain Law firm knows the government rules and regulations inside-out! It’s not easy either because those regulations are constantly changing, particularly in California. Every small business can benefit from a consultation with the Romain Law firm for a review to assure their practices adhere to state and federal laws.

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