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Personal injury cases are essentially situations wherein you got injured because of another person’s negligence or carelessness like car accidents, dog bite, and elder abuse. If you believe that hiring a lawyer would be a waste of time and money for personal injury cases, especially when you think that the harm done was not serious, you need to reassess and consider the following:

  1. Minor injuries can get worse later – you must remember that an injury can become serious later especially if the doctor who treated you initially failed to make an accurate diagnosis. Note that once you already accepted a settlement offer, you have no choice but to face the problem alone since you have already given up all future claims related to your case. This unfortunate happening can be avoided if you consulted a lawyer at the onset since he will make sure that you would be fully protected.
  1. Damages are not limited to tangible ones – if your case reaches the court, your visible injuries (e.g. scrapes and bruises) would not be the only ones to be taken into account but even your “pain and suffering” as well. These kinds of damages are not included when you decide to settle the matter off-court.
  1. Insurance companies will protect their interest rather than yours – if you think that your insurance or the other party’s insurance would be enough to compensate you, keep in mind that insurance companies aim to pay as little as possible to make more profit. No matter what your insurance agent claim, take it with a grain of salt and hire a lawyer nonetheless.

If you happen to be injured due to someone’s failure to use a reasonable amount of care, you should consider the reasons above and immediately contact Romain Law in Southern California for more information and a free legal consultation.

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