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If your suspicion of being discriminated against by your boss or your co-workers ultimately turns into a solid-based fact, here are the initial steps you should take to protect your rights, your job, and your hard-earned money.


  • Make sure to keep track of and record the specific details of the discriminatory circumstances as they happen- noting the names and positions of the perpetrators (as well as of the people who may have overheard or witnessed the derogatory remarks or treatment), as well as when and where the discriminatory event(s) took place. In this way, you are creating a more corroborative account of what actually happened and securing acceptable pieces of evidence for future litigation.


  • Step up and notify the human resources department of your company about your problem. Provide accurate details and emphasize on how such discriminatory actions have taken a toll on your work performance. In this day and age, discrimination is not something you should just easily let slide or ignore. Don’t worry; there are laws that protect everyone from one sort of discrimination or another.


  • One visit to the Human Resources office is never enough. Any complaints should always be followed up. Inform and update your HR representative of specific situation changes, whether positive or negative.


  • Now, while you have duly notified the HR department of your dilemma, add extra effort in doing your job well. Being punctual and showing good work performance while keeping a low profile are the safest ways to emphasize that your claim is not simply due to your disobedience to company rules.


  • Finally, if your situation in the workplace doesn’t change or even gets worse after initial complaints, then it might be time to take things one level higher. Talk to a licensed and experienced attorney who is expert at discrimination and employment law. Check out Romain Law in California. Their areas of expertise also cover business law, insurance law, personal injury law, and professional malpractice.


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