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Slip & Fall Accidents

Have you been injured in a fall on someone else’s property? Expert slip & fall accident attorney George G. Romain can help.


Slip and fall accidents are quite common and can result in anything from a simple sprain or a broken bone to a serious brain injury or spinal cord injury that could have a negative impact on your quality of life for years to come. No matter what type of injury you or your loved one may have sustained, if the fall occurred due to another party’s negligence you may be entitled to compensation. An expert Southern California slip and fall attorney like George G. Romain can help you understand your rights and provide vigorous representation to protect those rights.

Seeking Compensation in Slip and Fall Cases

Sometimes people assume that carelessness on their part could invalidate their claim against the owner, property manager, or tenant of the property where they fell. However, this is not necessarily true. If a dangerous walking surface contributed to the slip and fall accident, premise liability law applies and the liable parties can still be held responsible for a percentage of your damages. As your southern California slip and fall attorney, George G. Romain will help you identify the liable parties and explore all possible areas of recovery, such as:

  • Immediate medical costs
  • Long-term medical costs
  • Lifelong care
  • Support and care during recovery
  • Pain and suffering
  • Lost wages
  • Reduced earning capacity
  • Lifestyle changes
  • Loss of enjoyment of life
  • Grief and lost companionship (in case of wrongful death)
  • Punitive damages

As your southern California slip and fall attorney George G. Romain will help you gather the documentation and evidence you need to prove your need for these types of compensation at trial or in a settlement.

Why Choose George G. Romain as your Southern California Slip and Fall Attorney

When seeking compensation in a slip and fall accident, you can come up against significant resistance from the responsible parties’ attorneys, especially if your accident occurred on property belonging to the government or a large corporation. Fortunately, with an experienced southern California slip and fall attorney like George G. Romain on your side, you can fight back and protect your rights. George G. Romain has ample experience in premise liability law and he can help you secure the compensation you deserve. He offers free initial phone consultations and takes personal injury cases on a contingency fee basis, so you don’t have to pay a penny until you win your case. Call today to get the process started.

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