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Commercial Liability

Is your insurance company unjustly fighting your claim? Expert commercial liability insurance attorney George G. Romain can help.


The whole point of commercial liability insurance is to protect your business against legal claims that may be brought against you. When your commercial liability insurer fails to come through and protect you, your business can be left dangerously exposed and perhaps even at risk of financial ruin. As an experienced southern California commercial liability insurance attorney who is also an expert in business law, George G. Romain understands how much may be at stake in your situation. He can come to your aid, help you build a strong case against your insurance company, and ensure that you receive the support you are entitled to under the provisions of your policy.

Common Commercial Liability Insurance Provider Tactics

Commercial liability insurance companies will do anything they can to avoid paying a claim or to avoid paying the full value of a claim. Often, they will use some of all of the following insurance bad faith tactics:

  • Offering reduced claim payments
  • Stalling in making decisions on claims
  • Delaying payments unreasonably
  • Requiring unreasonably burdensome documentation
  • Denying claims based on “exclusions” that don’t really exist
  • Failing to investigate claims thoroughly, fairly, and objectively
  • Failing to honor contractual obligations of any kind

Seeking Compensation for Commercial Liability Insurance Bad Faith

Whether your commercial liability claim involves professional malpractice, a premises accident, or any other type of liability issue, George G. Romain can help. He is highly experienced in all kinds of commercial liability claims and has the skills and knowledge needed to help you understand your rights as they relate to the provisions of your insurance policy. With George G. Romain as your commercial liability insurance attorney in southern California, you can rest assured you are getting the best possible legal advice and assistance in seeking compensation for commercial liability insurance bad faith.

Why Choose George G. Romain as your Commercial Liability Insurance Attorney

As your southern California commercial liability insurance attorney, George G. Romain will aggressively yet ethically fight to make sure your insurance company honors its contract by creating a personalized strategy just for your business. You can rely on George G. Romain to advise you of your rights and options thoroughly and honestly and answer any questions you may have in a timely manner. Call today for a free initial phone consultation and learn more about how George G. Romain can help you stand up to your dishonest insurance company.

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