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Sexual Harassment

Have you experienced sexual harassment in the workplace? Expert sexual harassment attorney George G. Romain can help.

Sexual harassment can create a hostile and offensive work environment. It doesn’t matter whether the perpetrator of the harassment is your employer, a fellow employee, or even a customer or client. You will need the assistance of an expert southern California sexual harassment attorney like George G. Romain to put a stop to the harassment, recover compensation for your damages, and move forward in your career and your life.

Examples of Sexual Harassment


Both men and women can be victims of sexual harassment in the workplace. Some of the most common examples of sexual harassment include:

  • Unwanted sexual advances (verbal or physical)
  • Sexual gestures
  • Inappropriate touching
  • Requests for sexual favors
  • Quid pro quo offers of employment or promotion in exchange for sex
  • Making threats after a negative response to sexual advances
  • Display of suggestive objects, pictures, cartoons, or posters
  • Derogatory comments, slurs, and jokes about a gender
  • Workplace harassment or hostile treatment of workers because of their gender
  • Gender discrimination

Seeking Compensation in Sexual Harassment Cases

The nature and extent of your damages will determine the type and amount of compensation sought in a sexual harassment case. For example, if you were wrongfully terminated due to your gender, you can seek damages for lost wages and also potentially ask for your job to be reinstated. You’ll need the assistance of a seasoned sexual harassment attorney in southern California to assist you in determining the proper legal strategy to use as well as in gathering all the necessary evidence to prove a pattern of misconduct or discrimination on the part of your employer.

Why Choose George G. Romain as your Southern California Sexual Harassment Attorney

While some forms of sexual harassment such as demands for sex in exchange for a promotion are fairly obvious, others like failure to promote due to gender discrimination can be more subtle. You need a seasoned southern California sexual harassment attorney who has a thorough knowledge of the law to help you prove these more subtle claims. George G. Romain has the experience, expertise, and integrity you are looking for in an employment law attorney. You can rely on him to vigorously defend your position and use every resource at his disposal to help you secure compensation from your employer. Call today to schedule your free initial phone consultation and learn more about George G. Romain’s expert no recovery, no fee services for victims of sexual harassment in the workplace.

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