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Is your employer treating you unfairly based on age, race, gender, etc.? Discrimination attorney George G. Romain can help.

Do you feel like your employer cares more about the color of your skin than the quality of your work? This is just one type of illegal workplace discrimination that affects thousands of Californians each year. If you believe that adverse action has been taken against you by your employer in violation of your equal rights, you may have a discrimination claim. To learn more about your rights and your legal options, contact expert southern California discrimination attorney George G. Romain today.

Types of Discrimination


State and federal law protects workers in the state of California from discrimination and harassment based on:

Seeking Compensation in Discrimination Cases

If you have experienced discrimination in the workplace, it is vital that you choose an expert discrimination attorney in southern California. After all, discrimination law can be quite complex and there are many provisions unique to the state of California that only an attorney who specializes in this area of law will know about. For example, California’s disability discrimination protections are much more robust than federal ones and can include conditions like heart disease, a bad back, impairments arising from cancer, and even temporary impairments from accidents or injuries. George G. Romain can help you determine which part of the law to seek protection under as well as help you gather all the evidence and documentation needed to prove your claim at trial or in a settlement.

Why Choose George G. Romain as your Southern California Discrimination Attorney

When you’re up against an employer who discriminates against you, it can feel like no one’s on your side. But as soon as you hire expert southern California discrimination attorney George G. Romain, that will change. You’ll have a seasoned litigator on your side with ample experience in proving all kinds of discrimination claims and an excellent track record of securing six-figure settlements in employment law cases. Call today for your free initial phone consultation and find out more about how George G. Romain can help you stand up to your discriminatory employer.

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