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Disputes are inevitable in our various day-to-day activities. For this reason, they require a professional and keen approach to address them. Law Offices of George G Romain are here to help you. With experience of over twenty-five years of practice in the legal field, we have adequate knowledge in both state and federal law.  Here are some of our practices areas in which we deliver with utmost competence:

Personal injury claims

Falls, automobile accidents, and fire among other occurrences leave the incident victim with injuries. These injuries cause not only physical and mental pain but also hefty medical expenses and lost wages. George Romain will help the complainant legally secure compensation at a pay-after-compensation payment basis.

Employment law

Employment contracts have made the modern day workplace very formal. Both the private and public sector have a contract for both employee and employer stating each party’s duties and responsibilities. These tasks and responsibilities among other contractual terms if not delivered or violated are enforceable for breach of contract. Aggrieved employees who have discriminated in work set up, wrongfully terminated and sexually harassed can seek professional advice and representation from us. Other services encompassing the employment law include employee benefits and compliance.

Insurance law

Insurance uptake has been widely embraced to mitigate a loss of assets as a safety investment and legal compliance. However, the policy providers at times make the claim processing frustrating by claims denial, delaying payment, reduced payments, and unrealistic exclusion claims. Romain G will help you take legal action against your insurance company so that they fulfill their contractual obligations and fully indemnify you.

Business litigation

Simple decisions innocently made can land a business into its pitfall. To avoid this, we help businesses by giving them an in-depth understanding of their legal rights and legal consequences of various actions. We also offer defense against complainants suing the business.

Professional malpractice

A personal and financial loss may occur to an employee who is against their code of conduct took due to actions. Such instances are enforceable by the law. We represent individuals and businesses aggrieved due to professional malpractice and ensured full compensations caused by incompetence.

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