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The legal landscape in California has changed a great deal, especially for employers.

The rules recently added to the state’s employment law books are scheduled to take effect as soon as 2015 rolls in. As stipulated by the California Chamber of Commerce, employers are being urged to get acquainted to the new rules, particularly because their businesses could be greatly affected by some additions.

One of the changes made to the California employment law is the expansion of the list of employees who are permitted to take time off in case there’s a need for emergency duty.

Health care providers who are employees are now required to notify their employers in case they have been designated as part of emergency rescue parties, to which employers are required to respond by allowing the worker to perform his or her duty. Employees are urged to keep in mind that employers must be contacted at the very moment they lean they have been designated to work as emergency personnel.

The new rules make it difficult for employers to prevent the employees from leaving if they must perform emergency duties, thus keeping health care providers free to help their communities.
Other new rules have also added extra protections to interns and volunteers.

According to the California Chamber of Commerce, to discriminate against volunteer and intern workers is now prohibited. This protection expansion serves as a means to offer interns and others the same laws that protect paid employees.

Whether you’re an employer or an employee, staying aware of the changes made to labor and employment laws could help you to know just how you should proceed with your business or work. Knowing your rights – and duties – should be part of your life as a professional.

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