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In California, if you feel that you’re not being treated fairly by an employer, one of the first steps you’ll need to take is to file a complaint with the Department of Fair Employment and Housing. A couple years ago, a move was made to streamline this process by taking everything online, but as evidenced by recent developments, this actually created a challenge of its own.

The biggest issue in the wake of that switch is the fact that many citizens of California were confused when it came time to actually input details of their complaint into the system. Although the new methodology was supposed to expedite the complaint process, in practice, it led to more difficulties given that investigators were lacking the proper information.

Seeking to improve the process even further, the Department has now instituted a new measure in which the complaint filing system stays in place, but before a person can get to that online step, they will be put into contact with an investigator who will help delineate the nature of the complaint and assist with filling things.

The hope is that this will allow the tens of thousands of complaints that come in every year to get properly examined by the Department of Fair Employment and Housing. This would also allow persons to more quickly file lawsuits, something that becomes incredibly helpful in the process of filing a complaint. A lawyer can help get things resolved in a way that a standard bureaucracy cannot.

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