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Professionalism: Why Being Picky When Choosing an Attorney is Important

Professionalism: Why Being Picky When Choosing an Attorney is Important When you are in need of legal assistance, you will need to hire an attorney for help. Opening the yellow pages or looking online for an attorney leads you to a long list of names to choose from. Who do you hire? How do you know that you are choosing the right attorney? It is important to look for experienced law firms as well as one that specializes in your law need such as insurance law or employment law. Working with an attorney that does not specialize in your given situation can lead to you losing your case. Practice Makes Perfect The type of practice that an attorney works in is very important. If you are in need of a personal injury attorney, then you would not hire an attorney who specializes in family custody law. You want an individual who focuses on personal injury, knowing the laws of your area, so they can build a solid case. By working with an attorney, such as Romain Law of Manhattan Beach, you are ensuring that your case will be handled correctly and that you will be compensated or find justice in your case. Experience is a Must It is also essential that you hire an attorney who has experience. An attorney who has experience will not be hesitant in court and will be ready to work for you. It is best to find an attorney with experience in handling cases similar to yours with a proven track record of success. This way, you can feel more confident that you will... read more

Personal Injury Attorney: Should I get one?

In most cases, people who are involved in an accident would have the idea that everything is going to be fine because their insurance company has their back, or the other person’s insurance will cover everything for them. In reality it does not go as smooth as most people would like to think it should be. Oftentimes, insurance companies would try to minimize, if not disqualify you from obtaining benefits. It may sound cruel yet it is true and it does occur to people, most especially the ones who are not aware of their rights and privileges. This is just one reason why it is important to have someone to assist you with your ordeal. What can a personal injury attorney help you with? Hiring a personal injury attorney does not only help you understand your legal rights but they can also help you maximize the benefits and support that you could get. Depending on the physical damage that you have sustained and the inconveniences that came along with it, your attorney could help you maximize the value of your case or secure a very favorable settlement. People who did not seek professional assistance usually ended up with whatever the insurance companies provide them with or worse, with nothing but their injuries and a ton of medical bills to pay. Whom can I call for help and how much does it cost? In the State of California there is one man you could trust when it comes to personal injury cases and that is George G. Romain. The Law Office of George G. Romain is located at Van Nuys... read more

Do You Need Legal Representation for Nursing Home Abuse?

For some families, the decision to put an elder into nursing home care can be quite difficult. This is especially true when the senior or other family members are resistant to the decision, it is a decision that is never made lightly. Often, families come to this option as a last resort and must make difficult decisions about their elders’ care based on available options and resources. If your family has come to this decision, then you know how tough it was to place your mother, sister, father, brother, or other loved one into the hands of someone else for care. We know that you chose your loved one’s care with great precision, that’s why it’s so painful to deal with elderly abuse that you may have found is going on behind clothes doors with your loved one. The CDC states that elder abuse can include emotional or psychological harm, physical abuse, sexual abuse, or financial exploitation, and it done in an intentional manner that creates risk to the elderly person in question. Your loved one has every right to be treated with the respect, dignity, and care that they not only deserve but are also paying for. If you’ve recently found out that your loved one is at possible risk of abuse or have proof that they are in fact being abused, it is wise to seek legal counsel to find out about your rights and responsibilities. Before you move forward with a nursing home abuse lawsuit, you may want to consider all of the details of your case and available options. At the Law Office of George... read more

Top 3 Reasons Why You Need to Hire a Lawyer for Personal Injury Cases

Personal injury cases are essentially situations wherein you got injured because of another person’s negligence or carelessness like car accidents, dog bite, and elder abuse. If you believe that hiring a lawyer would be a waste of time and money for personal injury cases, especially when you think that the harm done was not serious, you need to reassess and consider the following: Minor injuries can get worse later – you must remember that an injury can become serious later especially if the doctor who treated you initially failed to make an accurate diagnosis. Note that once you already accepted a settlement offer, you have no choice but to face the problem alone since you have already given up all future claims related to your case. This unfortunate happening can be avoided if you consulted a lawyer at the onset since he will make sure that you would be fully protected. Damages are not limited to tangible ones – if your case reaches the court, your visible injuries (e.g. scrapes and bruises) would not be the only ones to be taken into account but even your “pain and suffering” as well. These kinds of damages are not included when you decide to settle the matter off-court. Insurance companies will protect their interest rather than yours – if you think that your insurance or the other party’s insurance would be enough to compensate you, keep in mind that insurance companies aim to pay as little as possible to make more profit. No matter what your insurance agent claim, take it with a grain of salt and hire a lawyer nonetheless.... read more

The Importance of Legal Representation and Why Everybody Needs One

Many of us would love to go through life without disputes that need to be addressed legally. However, many times that’s not the case. This is why having the proper legal representation many times means the difference between winning and losing a legal battle. Having a competent and experienced lawyer by your side makes sure that you get the best legal services available. Whether it’s a legal dispute, a deal, a challenge or anything else requiring legal aid, it is important to have a lawyer. While everyone’s legal situation is disparate, here is what a lawyer can do for you; Proper guidance in legal matters The law is a tad complicated. As such, you need someone who can look at your situation objectively and do what’s best for you. It is important to engage proper representation as it can save you from otherwise avoidable problems. It will cost you more not having an attorney No matter what’s at stake, not having a lawyer will hurt you. Without legal representation, people might take advantage of that and you will be severely disadvantaged. Engage the services of expert witnesses or private detectives In legal issues, information is everything. Getting the right information at the right time is the key to winning a legal battle. We can engage the services of a private detective to find out something about a certain situation or an expert witness to testify. At the Law Offices of George G. Romain, we handle legal issues in five core areas. These are; Employment Law We provide thorough legal representation in matters concerning employees or employers. Such situations include... read more

Do You Need A Personal Injury Lawyer?

If you have been harmed in any way by another individual you may have a personal injury case that can be filed. But how do you know? It is best to consult with an attorney who specializes in personal injury cases. When you discuss your case with an experienced attorney, you will be able to find out if you have a case that can be filed in court. Earn compensation for your injury as well as additional compensation from other areas such as pain and suffering. Personal Injury Cases Prime examples of personal injury cases are when an individual has been in a car accident that was no fault of their own. If you are injured in a car wreck that someone else caused, you may be able to file a personal injury suit. Such attorneys as Romain Law of Manhattan Beach can assist you by reviewing your information. To see if you have a case, it is important to schedule a free consultation. A free consultation will see you arrive at the attorney’s office and discuss your case. You will bring any personal information along with you such as paperwork from the hospital where your injuries were treated, medical bills, time off from work, etc. The attorney will take a look at your information and help you determine if you have a case that can be filed. If you can file a case, the attorney will assist you with the process. The attorney’s at Romain Law of Manhattan Beach are prepared to stay in constant contact so that you know what is going on with your individual case.... read more

The answer to all your legal troubles- The Law Office of George G. Romain

Everyday life for the modern man has become, and is becoming, difficult and more complicated every passing day. We have to deal simultaneously with multiple facets of our life, and often while treading the path of this already complicated life, we are confronted by various issues which call for legal actions. If you are troubled by issues regarding Insurance laws, Employment laws, or issues regarding Personal Injury, then, the Law Office of – George G. Romain is the one stop destination for you. We at George G. Romain endeavor not only to solve your legal problems, but also attempt to help you understand the matters better. Knowing and being aware is very important, we try to answer all your questions and make you aware of your rights. If you are wondering what the several terminologies you have come across, such as, At Will Employment, Wrongful Termination or Hostile Work Environment mean, we have all the answers for you. There is not a single aspect of Employment laws or Business Litigation that is outside Michelle or Romain’s domain of expertise . If you are facing professional malpractices, unequal treatment, or are confronted by a hostile work atmosphere, you must act on it immediately. All you need to do is contact us and we with our expertise and experience of over twenty five years will do all we can to address the issues, and obtain for you that which you rightly deserve. When you are at the  Law Office of – George G. Romain, you can be sure that you are in expert hands. In order to address your problems and... read more

Initial Consultation: What to Expect When Meeting with an Attorney

Most people have little to no experience when it comes to legal matters. If you are lucky, you never have to hire an attorney. However, if you find yourself in need of an attorney for the very first time, you may feel more comfortable knowing what to expect. Below is a short guide on the initial consultation and what to expect when you meet with an attorney for the very first time. Consider Your Legal Need To get started, you will need to consider what type of legal assistance you require. Are you facing an insurance or business issue? If so, you will need to work with a professional who specializes in insurance law or business litigation. Many attorneys such as Romain Law of Torrance specializes in several areas to be able to assist individuals with a long list of legal issues. Schedule the Initial Consultation Depending on the lawyer you are contacting, you will have the option to consult over the phone or in person. This will be a meeting to discuss your situation and determine what type of assistance you require. Begin by explaining your situation with the attorney. Any paperwork you can provide may be beneficial for the attorney to see to be able to better explain your situation. Once the attorney has reviewed your information, it can then be decided if action should be taken. The attorney will advise you on what should take place next. Make sure you ask any questions you may have so you understand the process that will be taking place. You want to understand your options fully from filing a... read more

Legal Services by George G Romain

Disputes are inevitable in our various day-to-day activities. For this reason, they require a professional and keen approach to address them. Law Offices of George G Romain are here to help you. With experience of over twenty-five years of practice in the legal field, we have adequate knowledge in both state and federal law.  Here are some of our practices areas in which we deliver with utmost competence: Personal injury claims Falls, automobile accidents, and fire among other occurrences leave the incident victim with injuries. These injuries cause not only physical and mental pain but also hefty medical expenses and lost wages. George Romain will help the complainant legally secure compensation at a pay-after-compensation payment basis. Employment law Employment contracts have made the modern day workplace very formal. Both the private and public sector have a contract for both employee and employer stating each party’s duties and responsibilities. These tasks and responsibilities among other contractual terms if not delivered or violated are enforceable for breach of contract. Aggrieved employees who have discriminated in work set up, wrongfully terminated and sexually harassed can seek professional advice and representation from us. Other services encompassing the employment law include employee benefits and compliance. Insurance law Insurance uptake has been widely embraced to mitigate a loss of assets as a safety investment and legal compliance. However, the policy providers at times make the claim processing frustrating by claims denial, delaying payment, reduced payments, and unrealistic exclusion claims. Romain G will help you take legal action against your insurance company so that they fulfill their contractual obligations and fully indemnify you. Business litigation Simple... read more

A Father’s Right: The Importance of Paternity Leave under the FMLA

The arrival of new little one in the home brings joy, excitement, and quite honestly, exhaustion. With all the emotional ups and downs a new baby can impose on a household, it’s no wonder parents need substantial time off to adjust and recuperate. California Family Rights Act (CFRA) states, “Male and female employees have the right to up to 12 weeks of leave to bond with a newborn baby, newly adopted or foster child.” It’s no surprise to either the community or employer when a mother takes leave to bond with her new child. However, with this important law in place, why don’t more fathers take bonding time with their new baby? A father’s role is different, and yet, equal to a mother’s role in their child’s life. It has been reported that the more involved a father is at the beginning stages of his infant’s life, the healthier the child will in fact be. Kyle Pruett, Clinical Professor of Child Psychiatry, declared in his article from the Zero to Three Journal, “Examining 2-month-old infants from middle income, two-parent families, Parke and Sawin (1975) found that the more fathers participated in bathing, feeding, diapering, and other routines of physical care, the more socially responsive the babies were. Furthermore, a year later these babies seemed more resilient in the face of stressful situations.” Fathers have a vital role to play in their young child’s life. Babies need to establish healthy relationships with not just one, but both parents right from the start. With the aid of the CFRA, fathers can take leave from work with the peace of mind their... read more
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