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Do You Need Legal Representation for Nursing Home Abuse?

For some families, the decision to put an elder into nursing home care can be quite difficult. This is especially true when the senior or other family members are resistant to the decision, it is a decision that is never made lightly. Often, families come to this option as a last resort and must make difficult decisions about their elders’ care based on available options and resources. If your family has come to this decision, then you know how tough it was to place your mother, sister, father, brother, or other loved one into the hands of someone else for care. We know that you chose your loved one’s care with great precision, that’s why it’s so painful to deal with elderly abuse that you may have found is going on behind clothes doors with your loved one. The CDC states that elder abuse can include emotional or psychological harm, physical abuse, sexual abuse, or financial exploitation, and it done in an intentional manner that creates risk to the elderly person in question. Your loved one has every right to be treated with the respect, dignity, and care that they not only deserve but are also paying for. If you’ve recently found out that your loved one is at possible risk of abuse or have proof that they are in fact being abused, it is wise to seek legal counsel to find out about your rights and responsibilities. Before you move forward with a nursing home abuse lawsuit, you may want to consider all of the details of your case and available options. At the Law Office of George...
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