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Initial Consultation: What to Expect When Meeting with an Attorney

Most people have little to no experience when it comes to legal matters. If you are lucky, you never have to hire an attorney. However, if you find yourself in need of an attorney for the very first time, you may feel more comfortable knowing what to expect. Below is a short guide on the initial consultation and what to expect when you meet with an attorney for the very first time. Consider Your Legal Need To get started, you will need to consider what type of legal assistance you require. Are you facing an insurance or business issue? If so, you will need to work with a professional who specializes in insurance law or business litigation. Many attorneys such as Romain Law of Torrance specializes in several areas to be able to assist individuals with a long list of legal issues. Schedule the Initial Consultation Depending on the lawyer you are contacting, you will have the option to consult over the phone or in person. This will be a meeting to discuss your situation and determine what type of assistance you require. Begin by explaining your situation with the attorney. Any paperwork you can provide may be beneficial for the attorney to see to be able to better explain your situation. Once the attorney has reviewed your information, it can then be decided if action should be taken. The attorney will advise you on what should take place next. Make sure you ask any questions you may have so you understand the process that will be taking place. You want to understand your options fully from filing a...
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